Protection drawn from nature


a creation of Bombyx mori

SILK SHIELD ™ is an entirely natural multilayer fabric, designed and made to give the user the comfort and protection that only nature can provide. It is made with silk threads and fibres from sustainable agricultural and industrial processes that respect the environment and the workforce.

It is made with two fabrics, in an outer and an inner layer, entirely made in Italy by Elitex (, a silk company from Como with long experience based on tradition and innovation.

Between these two fabric layers there is inserted a membrane padding of NW-T.SILK® also in silk, manufactured and patented in Italy by Cosetex ( company that has been specialising in silk processing for over 120 years.


silk does not just mean beauty and refinement, but also means comfort, protection and durability

Silk Shield imbottitura


Silk Shield particolare imbottitura

Padding detail SILK SHIELD™

Silk Shield ingrandimento imbottitura

Padding magnification SILK SHIELD™

SILK SHIELD ™, entirely made of silk fibres, offers breathability and thermoregulation. This is a natural, comfortable and inert alternative to synthetic non-woven fabrics that may release polluting microplastics and may be uncomfortable for the wearer.
Respect for the environment and for the user, which is intrinsic to the nature of this fabric, is also a result of the selection of cotton (also deriving from eco-sustainable crops) in the seams, replacing the common use of synthetic yarns.
It is no coincidence that we have turned to nature itself to protect the users of SILK SHIELD ™: multilayer fabric masks: for over 5000 years, silk has been a much-prized natural fibre due to its elegance, lightness and resistance. But there is much more to it than that.
The fibre produced by the silkworm, created by the mulberry tree’s Bombyx Mori moth, is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and moderately insulating, so permitting physiological thermoregulation and breathing; while it is also antioxidant, non-inflammable, widely compatible with human skin, and curative.

Silk therefore does not just mean beauty and refinement, but also means comfort, protection and durability.
A queste doti intrinseche connaturate, viene aggiunto valore per rispondere alle esigenze di protezione personale e di uso quotidiano richieste ad un dispositivo. To these intrinsic qualities can be added the ability to meet the requirements for personal protection and daily use of a device. The outer fabric is treated with a water-repellent and bacterial sanitizing system that reduces the risk of contact with liquids. The ability to repel water is assured right through 5 washes, meaning it can be used daily and repeatedly over time. The padding in the form of the NW-T.SILK ® membrane has also been through a bacterial sanitization process. The insid